Hydraulic cabin lifting and locking systems for HYDCAB trucks and haulers are manufactured. This system consists of cabin lifting pump, cabin lifting cylinder and cabin lock...


HYDCAB sets its goal to be the world’s No.1 with variety of products portfolio and keeps its leadership in the market constantly presenting new products by making R&D investments. Apart from standard HYDCAB cabin lifting systems, we experiment and share special projects with our customers. 

Cabin Tilting Cylinder

Tailor designed for cabin and dual functional hydraulic cylinder used for lifting and closing cabin. Having self contained shutdown valve system in the cylinder, cabin locks safely in its current position instantly in case of accidental breaking or leaking in the hose. Depending on the structure and size of the cabin, one or two cylinders can be used.

Cabin Tilting Hand Pump


Custom designed for the cabin and manually operated hydraulic pump. It can be connected to electric pump as well.  Operational pressure can be selected between 50 and 400 bar by adjusting built-in pressure control valve. It has built-in safety feature to by-pass extra pressure over the selected bar.

Cabin Latch

Specially designed for the cabin, It is a mechanism to catch the cabin to the chassis and locks it. It works as mechanical locking and hydraulic system opening.

Owing to the technical infrastructure we have, our team completes this process in the minimum time and runs, in connection with this process, molding devices design and production process in cooperation with Methods Engineering department.

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